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The Art of Pen Cayetano 

The Museum of Belize is hosting an art exhibition displaying the paintings of Belizean artist, Delvin Pen Cayetano. The collections on display have been separated into different themes determined by pivotal moments during Cayetano’s career.

After being closed for almost two years, the Museum of Belize officially re-opened its doors to the public in 2022. The museum also celebrated its 20th anniversary with a specular exhibit of Pen Cayetano’s pieces. The museum was working with Cayetano since 2021 to transport the paintings from Germany and was finally able to bring the exhibition to life in February 2022.

The museum’s curator and director, Ilona Smiling, explains that his artwork highlights spirituality, history, and the Garifuna culture.

Celebrating the Anniversary of the Museum of Belize 

Interview with Dwayne Moody from Channel 5 Belize

The exhibition features one of Belize’s most prolific cultural icons, known for multiple aspects of the creative arts, including music and painting.

Pen Cayetano, Artist

“To see all these paintings at one spot here, I think it is the biggest exhibition ever had in Belize. I think it’s an exhibition that is supposed stay a little longer here in this museum. I love it.” Pen Cayetano

Duane Moody, Reporting

He is no stranger to the creative arts. Still, on Sunday, an art exhibit was launched at the Museum of Belize to celebrate its twenty-first anniversary. Curator Ilona Smiling speaks about the Art of Pen Cayetano Exhibit as the museum reopens to the public.

lona Smiling, Curator, Museum of Belize

“Pen is a master in documenting his heritage and his experience.  Growing up down south and being a part of the Garifuna community, you find that in a lot of his paintings. One of the areas that we find is the most popular is the room that is the room that is dedicated to cassava making. His artwork details each step and again, from all the artworks that you find in here that’s why we made it a point to make sure that we have background information so that the audience can connect the historical significance with the pieces that they are seeing.”

An icon in the creative arts industry, Cayetano reflects on the collection of paintings and the inspiration that went into the seventy-five pieces chosen for this exhibit and brought in from Germany.

Pen Cayetano

“It’s a great experience passing through the paintings that I haven’t seen for many years and then explain to the people. I was very happy that they can grasp some of the ideas I give to them off this painting. These paintings are very important for Belize too. It has been my life to portray my heritage in these paintings because ever since I started to paint. And then I say, if this is the way I am going to paint, the people I love to paint them. So, my painting for me it’s my inspiration. No favourites. All the paintings I’ve done is from my hands, I feel good about them and all of them are my favourite piece; every jack one of them.”


Modern Dance Movement at the Museum

The Museum of Belize invited Modern Dance Movement to bring to life works of art from Pen Cayetano






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The Art of Pen Cayetano exhibit is open for viewing from Mon. – Sun. at our regular working hours (9:00 am – 4:00 pm)